Thursday, December 21, 2006

Regarding Today's Email

Hi there,
I just wanted to write about Nat's email to you this morning. He breezed into the classroom this morning with a very concerned look on his face. He sat immediately down at his desk, looked at me, and said, "Its cloudy. The sun will come out later. Its behind the clouds." I agreed with him, and he asked for a hug. I asked him if he wanted to check the weather on the computer, and we did. He repeated what he said earlier, and I asked him if he wanted to tell you. He said yes, and then typed the email so fast, I couldn't believe my eyes! He wrote it independently, with just my help with spelling. I guess he really wanted to tell you that, and he was right, because the sun is shining bright now, and he is beaming at his desk.

Have a nice rest of the day,
Stefanie [Nat's teacher]

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