Thursday, December 21, 2006

December 21

hi mom
the sun will come out later its
behind the clouds.


KK said...

You couldn't have said it better, Nat. Yes, the sun will ALWAYS come out if we are patient enough to let the clouds pass by. You are a true poet in your own words.

Julia said...

It's good when the sun comes out from behind the clouds.

The sun is shining where I am right now. I hope it is where you are right now.

Tamsen said...

In North Carolina where I live, the sun is shining and it is warm today.

I just moved from Iowa though, where the sun is behind the clouds and there is snow on the ground.

I miss the snow.

Nat said...

I read Nat your comments and he was very anxious to hear about the sun in other places.

for what it's worth said...

I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Today, the sun will only shine for 7 hours. Today is the shortest day of the year, and we will spend more time in the dark than in the light.
I am glad the houses are decorated with coloured lights. It makes the dark very pretty.

Natalia said...

I was in another part of North Carolina today (I live near the border, but in SC) and it was NOT sunny but I like your reassurance about the sun, because I was really missing it today.

But I saw a lot of greenness, which at least is Life, even if the sky is grey.

KC's Mommy said...

Hi Nat! I live in sunny Arizona, it is very hot here most of the time, sometimes it's 120 degrees! It really is! Today the sun was hiding in Arizona. There was fog outside of our door, I have a picture on my blog of the fog if you would like to see it. Have a great day Nat!

Kevin said...

Hi Nat,

In the UK the sun is low and weak at this time of year and it gets dark about 4.30pm.

But it always comes back out the next day.

Have a happy holiday Nat.