Thursday, December 28, 2006

December 28 2006

want mom pyou to poat on pajamns


Tamsen said...

Oh, but pajamas are so comfortable!

Susan Senator said...

[Nat, on Susan's keyboard]

Julia said...

Nat, you reminded me I needed to get out of my pajamas and into some real pants. Thank you for reminding me.

Natalia said...

hey Nat, i am glad to see you back in your blog!

natalia (still in pajamas)

Camille said...

Good advice for us all, Nat.

hollywoodjaded said...

Hi, Nat,

Does loungewear count as pajamas?

(noon-ish here; loungewear on)

Joseph said...

Would you believe I never wear pajamas? Since I was little I never liked to.

KC's Mommy said...

Hi Nat,
Hey good to see your blogging bud!

for what it's worth said...

We are having a pajama day here because the snow storm is making it too hard to go outside. A good day to sit by the fire and read stories.