Tuesday, February 6, 2007

February 5, 2005

I feel happy today.
I am working with Rachel.
later, I will play computer
games with Rachel.


Anonymous said...

What is your favorite game to play?

Wendy said...

Nat - I like playing a computer game called Majong. It's my favorite. And the name Rachel is one of my favorite names too!

terakrk said...


I hope you had fun. I like computer games too. I like Solitaire a lot.


Tamsen said...

My favorite computer game is Sims. I never get bored of it.

Jared said...

Hi, Nat! I like a computer game called Myst. It's a lot of fun!

Thank you for writing, and have a good day!

Natalia said...

hi Nat. Still here, just listening (reading). I still like Second Life best. I talk to most of my autistic friends in there.

Natalia said...

Nat, you seem like a cool dude and your mom seems alright, too. I hope and pray that you could always be a happy man.