Monday, February 26, 2007

February 26, 2007

i am having a great day . i am
having fun . i played soccer in gym.
i want salad for dinner.
have a good day


Susan Senator said...

Nat! I didn't think you liked salad!

Lyndsey said...

Hey Nat!

I live in New Orleans and am also having a great day! The weather is absolutely perfect- sunny, blue skies, not too cold and not too hot (just right). It is the kind of day that is meant for bike riding. I haven't thought about what I want for dinner, but a salad sounds like a good idea!

Tamsen said...

Salad sounds good, but I am sick and I want soup!

Natalia said...

I like soccer, but I'm not very good at it.
I hate salad, unless it has a really tasty dressing on it...
My husband says salad is Rabbit Food.
But we eat it sometimes, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat!

I like playing soccer in the gym too. And I like all kinds of different salads. Do you?

Kevin said...

I'm delighted to hear you're playing proper football Nat. If you're ever in my neck of the woods I'll take you and your Dad to see God's own footballers.

Nat said...

nat bchelder
dinner chicken and sausage
good byeuy

Sharon said...

Hi. I'm Sharon.
My son does not eat salad at all.
He always ask for meat meals.

I'm living in Israel. here it's end of winter and begining of spring.

wish you nice weather and rich and tasty salad.


Natalia said...

hey Nat -
i saw a little bit of your art on your mom's blog.
i used to use oil pastels all the time in school. that used to be my favorite art material, when i had more time... but i've never tried collage with it. that's a great idea!

this week my husband and i are going to visit some friends and i got a new set of oilpastels because we are going to do art when we are visiting. i'm excited about that (^_^)