Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February 13, 2007

we looked at the weather.
its sunny now,but tomorrow
it might snow i want to
stay inside.


Jared said...

Hi, Nat! I live in St. Louis, and today it's snowing a lot! My son's school was closed because there is so much snow.

Jan B said...

Stay warm Nat.

Julia said...

It's going to be sunny and cold where I am for a few days.

I like it when it's sunny. I don't like the cold as much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat,

What do you like to do when it is too cold to go outside?

Natalia said...

Hi Nat
I like to stay inside when it snows, too. Or when it rains... Like today, it's raining in this part of South Carolina.

In Colombia, South America, where my husband is from, if you want to say "happy Valentine's day" to your friends, you can call it "Friendship Day" (it's "Love Day" for your family or boyfriend/ girlfriend).

So, happy Friendship Day, Nat!

Kevin said...

Hi Nat,

We've had the British version of snow which might be defined as a thick frost.

Hope the weather picks up where you are soon :o)

Tamsen said...

Hi Nat, I hope it gets warmer for you soon. It's pretty warm here in North Carolina today. I have on a short sleeved shirt and capris on at work. It rained last night and there was a lot of lightening and thunder.

Nat said...


Anne said...

Hi, Nat. I live in California. It was a warm and sunny day here, but I stayed inside anyway, because I had to work.